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Frances Marsden and Julia Caulder

Frances Marsden and Julia Caulder

Frances Marsden and Julia Caulder
Pasadena & Park City

Frances Marsden

Frances trained as an Alexander teacher at the Constructive Teaching Center in London with Walter and Dilys Carrington and has been teaching for forty years. She completed two years postgraduate work at the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique, directed by Joan and Alex Murray. Prior to her Alexander training, Frances studied acting at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow. She is a member of the faculty and Board of the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles. She has taught at University of Southern California and California State University at Los Angeles and currently teaches at Occidental College. She also teaches at the Shakespeare Summer Institute, the Claremont Clarinet Festival and Alexander Technique Workshops-International. She maintains a private practice in Pasadena, California. Frances gave the F M Alexander Memorial Address at the 2018 ACGM

Julia Caulder
Julia Caulder is an AmSAT certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, and a professional performer. She has been practicing professionally for over 20 years and has studied the technique for over 30.
Currently, she teaches privately in Park City, Utah, at The Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles and is on the faculty of the Egyptian Theater as well. She has studied with Joan and Alex Murray in Urbana, Illinois over many years.
Julia has taught at Mount St. Mary’s College, The Laura Henry Acting Studio in Los Angeles, Santa Monica College Extension and Cal Arts. She has done workshops at Google, The University of Southern California School of Music, Pepperdine School of Music, Santa Monica College Music Department and the Long Beach Police Department.
In addition to her Alexander Technique certification, Julia was a professional singer with the Los Angeles Opera and Opera Pacific in Orange County, CA.