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Food & Drink

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TU Mensa Opening Hours and Locations

Food Map Drawing of all TU Mensas at and around the Congress
Our Food Map – click to enlarge
There are as many as seven locations in the Congress area alone, open Monday through Friday.
For a description, specific opening hours, and more details, see the Mensa Locations Table below. Following the details links in the table you can also check out the menu and food details (additives, allergens, etc.) one week in advance.
Mensa LocationDescription
Mensa TU Hardenbergstraße
– Main Canteen

Mon-Fri 11.00-14.30h (11am‑2.30pm)
Hardenbergstraße 34
Numerous vegan and vegetarian dishes daily, plus a meat dish on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a fish dish on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Menu, Photo Gallery and Details
Mensa Pasteria TU Veggie 2.0
– Purely Vegan Canteen

Mon-Fri 11.00-14.30h (11am‑2.30pm)
Berlin's first purely vegan canteen. Focus on vegan pasta dishes, plus soup, salads and appetizer bowls, and the climate meal of the day. Limited outside seating.
Menu, Photo Gallery and Details
Mensa TU Hardenbergstraße
– Bakery Stand

Mon-Fri 8.00-15.00h (8am‑3pm)
Hardenbergstraße 34
Sandwiches, cakes, desserts & Co. - the bake stand at the Main Mensa location offers quick breakfast to go and delicious snacks. Limited outside seating.TU Mensa Bakery Stand/Backshop
Mensa TU Hardenbergstraße
– Coffeebar

Mon-Fri 11.30-16.30h (11.30am‑4.30pm)
Hardenbergstraße 34
Organic FairTrade Coffee, Tea and Soft DrinksView of TU Mensa Coffeebar
Café & Bakery stand
– TU "Wetterleuchten"

Mon-Thu 8.00-15.00h (8am‑3pm)
Straße des 17. Juni 135
This is a great quick breakfast and snack option throughout the day, with seating. Located directly in the Main Building, with chairs and tables also in the beautiful courtyard.
Photo Gallery and Details
TU Mensa Café & Bakery Stand Wetterleuchten
Mensa Pasteria TU Architektur
Mon-Fri 8.00-15.00h (8am‑3pm)
Lunch 11.00-14.30h (11am‑2.30pm)
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
The "Mensa TU Architektur" started in October 2021 with a new Pastaria concept. Here everything revolves around the pasta, and of course you get the homemade pasta from TU's own pasta factory.
Menu, Photo Gallery and Details
TU Mensa Architekur
Mensa TU Marchstrasse
Mon-Thur 8.00-16.00h (8am‑4pm)
Fri 8.00-15.00h (8am‑3pm)
Lunch 11.00-14.30h (11am‑2.30pm)
Marchstraße 23
750m from the TU Main Building and adjacent to the "Landwehrkanal", the Mensa TU Marchstraße provides a selection of dishes with freely selectable side dishes, also salads and various sweets. Good place to sit and chill with limited outside seating. Great to take a 15-minute stroll along the "Landwehrkanal" from or back to the Congress.
Menu, Photo Gallery and Details
TU Mensa Marchstraße
Mensa mobil - Food Truck
Tue, Wed, Fri 16.00-20.00h (4pm-8pm)
Sat 10.30-14.30h (10.30am-2.30pm)
Sun 12.30-15.00h (12.30pm-3pm)
Located halfway between back of TU Main Building and Main Mensa
For late afternoons and evenings, and on Saturday and Sunday, when the regular Mensas are closed, we’ll have 2-3 Mensa food trucks available for you, with plenty of tables and benches – outside and inside. Offering pasta and pizza, one offering burgers, fries, and Tex-Mex, plus vegetarian and gluten-free meals. The offerings change daily.
You can use the Mensa card to pay, the food trucks even accept EC- and credit cards.
TU Mensa mobil - Food Truck

Mensa Locations
Interactive Map

For your convenience, we created an interactive Map with all the TU Mensa Locations on Google Maps for you.

Food Around the TU

A Foodie’s paradise

As mentioned above, Berlin is one of the best places to eat. You definitely will want to take advantage of the rich variety of cuisines and styles the city has to offer.
Also note, that TU Mensas will not be able to serve you in the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday. This gives you the opportunity to experience the great wealth of local restaurants, cafés or street food around the TU.
For example, just take a stroll along Knesebeckstraße and adjacent streets, just 5 minutes from the Congress, and you will be able to find anything you desire.

For your convenience and as a “starting-off point”, we put together some great categorized recommendations for you.


Our RecommendationsName
Restaurants (17)

  1. Restaurant am Steinplatz | Steinplatz 4 Link

  2. Latino | Uhlandstraße 4 Link

  3. Cafe Hardenberg | Hardenbergstraße 10 Link

  4. Pasta & Basta | Knesebeckstraße 94 Link

  5. Restaurant Belmondo | Knesebeckstraße 93 Link

  6. Satyam | Goethestraße 5 Link

  7. Manjurani | Knesebeckstraße 4 Link

  8. La tia Rica | Knesebeckstraße 92 Link

  9. Seoul garden | Knesebeckstraße 16 Link

  10. TACORIÑO | Knesebeckstraße 18-19 Link

  11. Sushi Berlin | Knesebeckstraße 88 Link

  12. Tapas | Grolmanstraße 52 Link

  13. Pratirio | Knesebeckstraße 22 Link

  14. Philomenis Greek Delicious Berlin | Knesebeckstraße 97 Link

  15. tiger club vegan sushi | Bismarckstraße 6 Link

  16. Österelli | Knesebeckstraße 18-19 Link

  17. Mamma Monti | Carmerstraße 11 Link

Coffee & Snacks (13)

  1. TU Mathe Café | Straße des 17. Juni 136 Link

  2. CARAS |Hardenbergstraße 4 Link

  3. Espresso House | Knesebeckstraße 1 Link

  4. Giro Coffee Bar | Knesebeckstraße 5 Link

  5. REEHAM COFFEE | Schlüterstraße 12 Link

  6. Manufactum Brot & Butter | Hardenbergstraße 4-5 Link

  7. coffee drink your monkey | Savignyplatz 11 Link

  8. Starbucks | Hardenbergplatz 11 Link

  9. A Never Ever Ending Love Story | Kantstraße 25 Link

  10. Chito Coffee | Savignyplatz 3 Link

  11. BioBackHaus | Knesebeckstraße 12 Link

  12. Love to Sweet You | Goethestraße 4 Link

  13. ZEIT FÜR BROT | Savignyplatz 9 Link

Supermarkets (6)

  1. REWE To GO | Bismarckstraße 2 Link

  2. REWE | Bismarckstraße 91 Link

  3. SPAR express | Hardenbergpl. 9-11 Link

  4. Edeka Jost & Jost | Kantstraße 24 Link

  5. EDEKA Otto-Suhr-Allee | Otto-Suhr-Allee 105 Link

  6. Hit Ullrich Verbrauchermarkt | Kantstraße 7 Link

Vegan (3)

  1. tiger club vegan sushi | Bismarckstraße 6 Link

  2. Bodhicitta Vegan Bowl | Kantstraße 139 Link

  3. Vegang | Kantstraße 33 Link

Street and Fast Food (5)

  1. Avci Döner | Hardenbergplatz 11 Link

  2. Zaddy's | Joachimsthaler Str. 3 Link

  3. Falafel Me | Knesebeckstraße 93 Link

  4. McDonald's | Hardenbergpl. 11 Link

  5. BURGER KING | Straße des 17. Juni 100 Link

Beer Garden (2)

  1. Schleusenkrug | Müller-Breslau-Straße 14b Link

  2. Café am Neuen See | Lichtensteinallee 2 Link

Glutenfree (1)

  1. Simela finest food | Kantstraße 14, Link

Food around the TU
Interactive Map

For your convenience, we created a categorized interactive Map with all the Food locations around the TU on Google Maps for you.

Mensas & The MensaCard

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Up to 20 lunch options daily. Salads and Bowls. Fresh sandwiches, fresh fruit, pastry and homemade cakes.
Hot and cold beverages.

Access to the Main Mensa at the Congress and all TU dining facilities around the city.

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