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Congress Fees & Pricing

Our aim is to make the Congress accessible too as many people as we can. This year we are offering a number of new categories including a brand new Sponsored Ticket option.

Registration Fees

All-Access Late Rate
Regular Registration

The full Congress week experience

Regular Attendee
€ 900

For all teachers and AT pupils/students/clients

Chicago Participant
€ 800

All teachers and AT pupils/students/clients who attended 2018 Chicago Congress

€ 800

Discount rate for participants travelling from outside Europe

€ 600

Discount rate for participants who are currently training to become certified AT teachers


Choose your personal Congress highlights

Three-Day Pass
€ 399
Choose any three days on which you like to attend
Two-Day Pass
€ 299
Choose any two days on which you like to attend
Single Day Pass
€ 159
Choose any day on which you like to attend

Countdown to Congress | Monday 22 August 2022 19.00 (7pm) CEST








Your Congress Registration Fee includes: access to keynote speakers’ presentations, plenary sessions, panel discussions, continuous learning sessions, workshops, activities and entertainment throughout the week, opening and closing party and, above all, full six days of learning from and with our colleagues and friends!

* Chicago, Non-European and AT Trainee rates require some form of proof which you are asked to upload during registration: proof of attendance for Chicago discount, proof of residency for Non-European discount, a confirmation letter from your AT school/training course for the AT Trainee rate.

** Europe: Europe refers to the entire geographical continent, not only the EU. With the Non-European discount, we wish to support people overseas, with long and more expensive travels.

Please note that the fees do not include accommodation & meals. However, we put together suggestions, ideas and deals to reduce the extra costs for you. See our Accommodation and Food & Drink pages for details

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Sponsored Tickets

Applications for Sponsored Tickets are closed now.
This time, for the first time at a Congress, we asked all attendees to make a voluntary donation towards our Sponsored Ticket Fund to support financially disadvantaged attendees.
These donations have been collected during registration until 1 June 2022. Sponsored Ticket Application for people in dire financial circumstance were collected and processed from 1 to 15 June 2022, in order of request.

Thanks to the generosity of our attendees, we had a total of €2,495 to share between applications. Andreas and I decided to match the generous donations and bring the total up to €5,000 from the Congress budget.

To make a significant contribution, we attributed a €400 share to each applicant in order of application, until funds were exhausted.

This way, we could support 12 people from around the world, especially from far away, who would not have been able to register otherwise.


Thank you again to everybody who contributed – you made a huge difference.

Here is what some of the beneficiaries wrote to us:
“Wow, incredible, thank you so very much!
What a huge impact that’s made on my life in general and experience of attending. So generous. Really, truly thank you.”

“Thank you so very much to you and the other very generous sponsors. Because of you, I will be attending the 2022 Alexander Technique International Congress.”

“Thank you in the name of the AT community for your effort and generosity!”

Cancellation Policy

  • After 15 July 2022
    15% of your registration fee will be refunded.

In order to cancel your registration, please contact us via email at registration@now2022.de. We will then issue the refund via the payment option you've chosen during registration, unless desired otherwise.

Of course, there can always be exceptional circumstances. So if  things come up that are out of your control please feel free to email us to, and we will be happy to talk with you about your particular situation.
Email us at registration@now2022.de

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

Extraordinary COVID-19 Cancellation

Should the pandemic or Berlin regulations make it difficult or impossible to attend the congress.

If your circumstances or Coronavirus related rules don’t allow you to attend you can apply for a full refund (less 40 EUR administrative fee).

For more details, please see our COVID-19 Info page.