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COVID-19 – Infos and Regulations

Also, social distancing or wearing masks inside buildings are not mandatory anymore.

However, as you know, we are going to have a broad range of attendees, among whom a number are in high-risk categories. That is why we still ask you to please be respectful of others and be prepared to take extra safety precautions, as needed.

Stay safe!

Rev. 11/06/2022

Official COVID Info Pages

Official Berlin Senate pages

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For more languages please visit the German pages, and use either Google Translate or DeepL to view the pages in your language.

Google Translate and DeepL work similarly. Just copy the text you wish to translate to your computer’s/phone clipboard and paste in the left input field here on the respective Tranlate page: Google TranslateDeepL 

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Extraordinary Cancellation

If you wish to register to ensure your place and to start planning your trip, we invite you to do so.

During registration, we will ask you to tick a box that you have read this Info page and are aware that regulations might change.

If your circumstances or the COVID rules don’t allow you to attend, you can apply for a
full refund, minus a 40 Euros administrative fee.

Please be prepared to provide details about your specific situation, if asked.