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Maaike Aarts potrait

Maaike Aarts
The Netherlands

Zooming out: how to observe details while staying connected to your whole self and the space around you.

As we all know, most people have the tendency to concentrate on something by ‘zooming in’: by excluding the awareness of the rest of themselves and the space around them. Even when our AT students have learned to inhibit and direct this can still happen; very subtly our students can ‘zoom in’ to inhibit and direct, start to focus on a detail, on a particular change, zoom in on parts that are ‘still tense, different or painful’, or zoom in on the teachers hands.
In this way their attention becomes like a ball in a pinball machine, shifting rapidly from detail to detail. 

As teachers we can help to prevent this from happening. We can teach our students how to ‘zoom out’ and show them how to observe the feelings/changes/details from wholeness and spatial awareness. 

The benefits are big: students will experience more freedom of movement, more connection to themselves and the world, a wonderful sense of wholeness and ease, more curiosity, more eagerness to explore, less judgment and less ‘trying to get it right’.

This is a practical workshop in which we will explore how to tell the difference between zooming in and out, both in ourselves and our students.
We will talk about the difference between ‘input’ and ‘output’.
We will explore what language to use to incorporate a detail into wholeness/spatial awareness.
We will explore how we can use our hands in such a way that we can help the student stay connected to wholeness.
And we’ll talk about the differences between observing, checking and feeling and how to explain these differences to our students. 

Let’s have some fun by experimenting and exploring this together!

About Maaike Aarts

My name is Maaike Aarts and my passions in life are music, Alexander Technique, self-development, and learning/discovering new things. I graduated at the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam in December 2002 (Paul Versteeg and Tessa Marwick). I am always eager to learn more and had private lessons with Missy Vineyard and John Nicholls. I followed extra training on pregnancy and childbirth with Ilana Machover and have obviously attended all international congresses on the Alexander Technique!

I teach the Alexander Technique full time in my private practice, teach the students of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Academy and teach at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
I also give audition training, give workshops for orchestra members, teach during summer courses and I organise my own Alexander Technique retreats. Aside from this I play violin as a freelancer and in chamber music groups.

In 2021 I released the Alexander Technique App called Think Up Alexander Technique. This app helps our AT students to practise inhibition and direction during 100 daily life activities. The app is available in the App Store for iPhone and in the Google Play store for Android phones.

For iOS: https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/think-up/id1522422093

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.thinkup.android&hl=en_US&gl=US


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Saturday, 27 August 2022
14:15 h - 15:30 h
Room not yet assigned

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