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Ralf Hiemisch

Ralf Hiemisch portrait

Ralf Hiemisch

Photographing portraits is my passion. It is my talent and it makes me deeply happy. And that those I have photographed are happy makes me happy. Photography for me is craftsmanship in the classical sense as well as art. Besides Alexander Technique, I am very interested in Qi Gong and meditation. I run the “Jetzt & Hier” in Berlin-Mitte, a healing place for mindfulness & bodywork. When I’m not taking pictures, I’m exploring Berlin’s parks with my dog Lee Kami Honigbär or rolling across the expanses of Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin on my longboard.

– Since 1998 working as photographer & designer for the music industry, Alexander Technique teachers, therapists, coaches … etc.
– Since 2005 Alexander Technique Teacher 
– From 2009-2018 assistant in the Alexander Technique School Berlin
– Official photographer of the 10th and 11th Alexander Technique Congresses
– Since 2019 Co-Direktor of Jetzt & Hier, a place for healing work in Berlin
– More information about me …  www.ralfhiemisch.de & www.hiptohip.me

Steps on my way …

… very long time ago, I was walking to the S-Bahn and a question popped into my head: Why does my head hang down and I look at the ground and why not forward to the horizon? That was the beginning of a journey to myself. I met people on this journey who inspired me and helped me see the world from a different perspective, from the perspective of my body and how I feel.

Many things that I thought were this way and will always be this way have been put into perspective for me. I observed my thinking and my actions and kept asking myself the question: How do I do something and why do I do something? The camera was my faithful companion, microscope, telescope and mirror in many of my investigations and experiments, experiments that helped me to get in touch with myself and with other people and in general with the world. These experiments that have helped me to center myself, to expand and to find my heart.


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