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Portrait Robin Simmons

Robin John Simmons
Wallis, Switzerland

Vicarious movement is an essential hands-on skill for teaching

In MSI Alexander writes “It is often necessary to break down …. preconceptions of mind by performing muscular acts for the subject vicariously.” When I mention to AT people Alexander’s method of using “vicarious movement” I am often met with a blank look. It seems that some vital teaching process may be somewhat under exposed.

In this presentation we will examine what Alexander has to say about this way of working and we will go into practical ways, some rather novel, of implementing this approach. You are almost certain to gain something of practical value you can at once apply to your teaching. You will also realize that it is impossible to fully transmit the Technique Alexander created without some definite personal one-to-one hands-on experience.

About Robin John Simmons

I trained with the Carringtions (1969-71). Since then I have been continuously giving individual lessons. In 1982 I began training teachers and this continues today. Since I learnt the Dart Procedures from Walter Carrington when training with him, I have been continuously working with them and incorporate aspects of what Dart discovered in almost every Alexander lesson I give. I have also written a complete set of summaries of Alexander\\\\\\\’s four books (The Gold Dust in the Writings of F.M. Alexander) which has been well received. In 2018, Mouritz published my book The Evolution of Movement which not only shows how to practice the Dart Procedures but also how the Procedures are grounded in the Alexander Technique.


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Thursday, 25 August 2022
09:00 h - 11:00 h
Room not yet assigned

AT Principles and Procedures||Performance/Music/Acting/Voice||Everyday Activities||Sports||Practical Teaching Skills



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