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Unlearning hierarchy in our learning-teaching spaces

Creating Non-Hierarchical Learning Structures for individuals and groups

In this workshop, we offer to circle together and sense as a team of learners how we can allow our knowledge and experiences to be in the center of the space, where it is available equitably to all who are present. The experiences and knowledge that emerge belong to everyone. How can we embody this teaching paradigm where the student doesn’t need to go through the teacher to reach the knowledge or understanding? How can we all be learners in this process?

Our intention and responsibility as facilitators is to create and hold a safe space together as a circle. This is essential for the process of exploring ways in which we might let go of our familiarity with hierarchical ways of teaching our work. Might letting go of this paradigm lead us to a more nurturing relationship with our work and each other?

We wish to use the principles of the Alexander Technique to explore in depth the ways hierarchy resides in our (AT) teaching spaces and allow new ideas to emerge. Breathing, movement, and small group activities, will be used as a means-whereby to embody Alexander technique principles in our relationships with a learner or a group of learners. Through these activities, the group might choose several principles which we will then put into play together during this co-created workshop.

I whish to present this workshop with Corinne Cassini who will register soon

About Corinne Cassini and Manuelle Borgel

— Corinne Cassini —
Corinne Cassini, a professionally trained cellist, teaches the Alexander Technique at the Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University and privately in Boone, North Carolina, USA since 2012, guiding performing artists and many others both individually, in groups, and in workshop settings. Her first Alexander lessons were over 25 years ago and she has been practicing as a certified teacher in Boone, and abroad for over 10 years. She initially trained in the Netherlands (ATON), and continued to deepen her studies with Tommy Thompson as a post-graduate assistant. She is a Sponsoring-Member of ATI. In 2015 she founded Light in Being-Alexander Teacher Training and started training Alexander teachers at her school, in Boone, NC. Most recently and throughout the pandemic, she translated Tommy Thompson\’s book \”Touching Presence\” with Manuelle Borgel, taught online, and followed courses with Bruce Fertman, Tommy Thompson, and Betsy Polatin. She\’s an active member of the AT Liberation Project since 2020 and is passionate about making AT more accessible and inclusive.

— Manuelle Borgel —
Manuelle Borgel, a Choreographer-Dancer, discovered AT in 1995 and was certified by ATI in 2015. She currently teaches the Alexander Technique in Paris to artists, seniors, children, … individually and in groups. She teaches somatics to explore performances and the creative process, fields she trained in linked to Life Art Process. She continues to develop her approach in Collective Intelligence, cooperation, conflict, trauma, breath and stress management using the tools of Non-Violent Communication and Co-construction.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
10:30 h - 11:45 h
Room not yet assigned

Practical Teaching Skills||DEI – Diversity/Equity/Inclusion



Fully Practical



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