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Maike Lenz-Scheele portrait

Maike Lenz-Scheele
Hessen, Germany

Unconscious resistance – a jobless shoulder is complaining

How we can overcome persistence of old habits that show up over and over again and is working against the integration of new options in clients daily life.

One part of our student
I always served her well and now she wants to throw me away. How unfair. If you look back all the years what I did for her, I helped her writing, I kept her upright, I kept her together when it was freezing cold, my gesture let her say “I don’t know” witouth even opening her mouth.
Yes, I am the hard working shoulder and my colleague from the left side and myself, we did a very good job. Now she learned about a new technique and we`re not worthy anymore.
But we can’t leave her alone, we’re responsible for her wellbeing. She needs our help, now more than ever before.


Metathoughts of the Teacher

How can I deal with this part of my student?
There’s no such thing, called a good or a bad habit.
How can I talk to this part, who is justifying it’s well done job?
How can we integrate this understandable voice?
What offer can I make if my client confounds herself with this voice and that reality.


The workshop
Understanding the involuntary reactions in the body of our clients is the starting point of dealing with the resistance. Welcome, listen, name it and talking respectfully with it will make a big difference in the impact of your work.

We’re going to collect stories like the above one, from other overworking parts of the body. We can talk to the intelligent student and how to inhibit habitual reaction. And we can talk to this inner voice, who speaks up for resisting parts of the body. We will experiment with this options in the workshop.

It’s a benefit for our work, because it can be difficult if you and your student wish for a conscious change-process but involuntary habits are still working in the opposite direction.

In the workshop we’ll look at this phenomena from a systemic point of view. As a teacher we’re always dealing with person-centered-systems as there are somatic-, psychic-, cultural- and interpersonal systems working together and melting into each other.

We as humans are many and we have many different ego-states in ourselves. At the same time we’re dealing with all this parts in our client, as well. Understanding that there are always different parts acting with each other, makes teaching easier and allows the students to work better on their own.
We’re going to work in small groups to observe ourselves, while teaching.


About Maike Lenz-Scheele

Maike startet her Training 1998 in New York at ACAT and finished it 2001 in Freiburg, Germany. She’s a member of ATVD.
As a former dancer she produced a dvd with the title “Alexander-Technik & Tanz” in 2006, which was presented at the first congress in Lugano.
She worked with many different people, with all kinds of backgrounds, in private lessons in Frankfurt, Marburg, Gießen and Darmstadt.
From the beginning on Maike taught group lessons specificly for dancers and for a wider audience with specific topics like stressmanagement, presentation, work-life-balance, performance-enhancement, flow and focus. She also loves to teach in companies “painfree at the workplace”, “working with ease in the office” and “a cool head in digital times”
Maike teaches online, live and hybrid.
She’s also a focusing trainer (DAF) a coach and consultant of hypnosystemic concepts (meihei) and an aroma-practitioner.


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Friday, 26 August 2022
10:30 h - 11:45 h
Room not yet assigned

Practical Teaching Skills||Communication/Verbal Skills||Connections to other Modalities/Techniques



Fully Practical



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