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Harry Hobbs

Harry Hobbs
Massachusetts, USA

Teaching the Young Actor: Creating a Safe Container

In this workshop we will explore the current challenges the young actor faces and how creating a “safe container” can help dissolve barriers to authentic self-expression.

We will explore:

  1. What is a safe container?
  2. How do you create and sustain it?
  3. What results from it?

By identifying the characteristics of a safe container, this workshop will show you how to create the conditions that bring out young actors’ best work.

We will also explore the barriers young actors face, like anxiety and overwhelm, and the ways in which you can make the Alexander Technique more accessible, through your words and your touch, in order to help dissolve these barriers. Some of the barriers we will cover include:

  • self-criticism and sensitivity to criticism from others
  • need for affirmation
  • existential crises

Learn how you can support young actors in accessing their rich emotional life and responsive physicality so they can more deeply embody who they are and the role they are playing. 

This workshop is for anyone who:

  • Teaches in a university setting
  • Works with young actors in training programs 
  • Is interested in how acting and the Alexander Technique meet 

While applicable to actors, this workshop may also be useful for directors of Alexander Technique training courses who want tools to support trainees of younger populations. 

I look forward to sharing this workshop with you!

About Harry Hobbs

A Florida native, Harry currently lives and teaches in Boston, Massachusetts. He moved to the area to attend Boston University’s School of Theater where he was first introduced to the Alexander Technique. He had the great fortune of studying the Alexander Technique for 4 consecutive years as an undergraduate with Betsy Polatin as his teacher.

After graduating and working as an actor, his interest in the Alexander Technique continued to grow and his desire to understand and embody the work compelled him to train to become a teacher. He became certified from The Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge headed by Tommy Thompson.

He primarily works with individuals who want to address pain and movement issues, but thoroughly enjoys working with artists of all kinds to deepen their level of performance. He has done postgraduate work with David Gorman, Betsy Polatin and Tommy Thompson. His current interests lie in using the Alexander Technique to inform spiritual practice, deepen our sense of self, and become more of who we truly are.


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Tuesday, 23 August 2022
14:30 h - 15:45 h
Room not yet assigned

AT Principles and Procedures||Practical Teaching Skills||Communication/Verbal Skills||DEI – Diversity/Equity/Inclusion



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