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Qualitative (Not Quantitative?!) Criteria? Yes!

Come to an experiential workshop derived from a considered qualitative approach to evaluating  teaching competence. Participants are invited to complete the ATI Teacher Certification Process in miniature and reflect on how the process relates to their thinking about the Alexander Technique and the way they teach it.

Attendees will participate in interactive small group discussions about Alexander’s Writings, Anatomy, and Ethics in Teaching.  They will then be invited to observe a lesson  with the ATI Teaching Criteria in mind.  The workshop will conclude with an open discussion about how this qualitative approach to teaching competence relates to different ideas about what it means to teach the Alexander Technique.

This is a joint workshop together with Sarah Barker, Gabriele Breuninger, and Joe Kaplan.

About Catherine Kettrick

I studied and trained with Marj Barstow, from 1973 until the year she died, and her effect on my life and teaching has been profound. From Marj I learned that thinking is moving; that we always have a choice; and that while this work may have lasting and joyful “physical” benefits, they all stem from a clear and well-coordinated consideration of how I choose to live and be in the world. And, most importantly, it’s fun!

My goal as a teacher is to see pupils embark on a journey of self-directed and independent learning. As they discover where they want to go, I help them navigate that process.

For me, the most exciting part of this work is watching people realize how free they can be in their thinking and reaction to the world, and what profound effects that can have in all of their lives. I feel privileged to witness people discover the power, clarity and potential of well-coordinated thinking and moving.

As David Mills has said: “Habit is being ready for the one thing you expect next. Coordination is being ready for anything.” I want to be ready for anything.

And if you are interested:

–I am co-director of The Performance School, with David Mills, where we have a rather unique teacher training program (https://performanceschool.org);

— My revised study guide to the major writings of F. M. Alexander is on the Performance School website (keep scrolling!) along with a resource list;

–I assisted Marj on two European tours and have also taught in Australia and Japan and (of course) in the US, and in time compatible time zones on Zoom;

–I co-founded Alexander Technique International (www.alexandertechniqueinternational.org), have served on its Professional Development Committee since its inception (except for two years when I was Chair of ATI), and many other committees also!

–I have extensive experience in Formal Consensus decision making, which ATI uses in its meeting, and am currently chair of the Agenda Planning Committee;

–and I am an actor, a hoofer, and as Lady Allegra Germaine, a burlesque performer!



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Tuesday, 23 August 2022
14:45 h - 17:15 h
Room not yet assigned

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