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Portrait Ulli Pawlas

Ulli Pawlas

Lying down, Sitting down, moving forward and up…

Continuous Learning with Ulli Pawlas, Alexander-Technik-Schule Hamburg

Lying down, Sitting down, moving forward and up…

F.M. said:…..’it is what you have been doing in preparation that counts when it comes to making movements’

In these sessions we will explore the support we are able to sense and to use consciously:The support from the floor,from the chair and the support within our own system, which prepares us for movement in space and with each other.We will experiment with inhibition and direction in procedures which include the support for the hands and feet extending to the whole system. Through this new kind of preparation we will explore the organizational influences that will improve our ‘hands on ‘quality.

About Ulli Pawlas

Ulli’s educational path began in 1974 with studies in art and led to training as a dance pedagogue and Gestalt therapist and then to the Alexander Technique. 1985 Opening of the Studio FREIRAUM. Birth of her son Nikolai in 1995. She completed her training with Chris Stevens and Nadia Kevan in 1994. She owns her own Trainingsschool, Alexander-Technik-Schule Hamburg since 2005. Robert Britton and Giora Pinkas taught there regularly, in addition to many guest teachers. To continue her education and for international exchange she enjoys to go to AMMAS-Meetings.

Due to her mother’s Alzheimer’s dementia, she developed a work with Alexander Technique, dance and voice, which she taught for 12 years in a retirement home. During this time the film was made: “F.M.Alexander-Technik bei Alzheimer-Demenz” Mechthild Rickheit/Ulli Pawlas 2004/2008.

She is very grateful for the many years of guidance of her Zen teacher Kurt KyuSei Österle in meditation and in his own developed practice of Archery.

She was fortunate to always have people by her side who accompanied her in friendship and with their love and support.

For 37 years, the Alexander Technique has permeated her life, every day and always. “A technique for life,” F.M. Alexander once said. For that she is very grateful.

Currently, she published the booklet: “Always have something to look forward to” Quotes of the week. A collection of Alexander-Quotes sent out to colleagues, during the Pandemic from March 2020 to March 2021.


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Continuous Learning
Tue 23 & Wed 24 (Session 1)
Fri 26 & Sat 27 (Session 2)

9-11h & 15-17h (Session 1)
15-17h & 9-11h (Session 2)

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